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Stairlift Rentals

When Renting Seems Better Than Purchasing…

Bronte Stairlifts rents out a range of straight Stairlifts suitable for temporary use. This is a great solution for short term use and especially beneficial for those struggling to stay mobile whilst recovering from a recent injury or surgery. Our simple, no fuss rental scheme allows you to stay at home, without the expense of purchasing a Stairlift.

How Does It Work?

Renting a straight Stairlift from us is pretty simple….

It’s £350 per year, for as long as the Stairlift is required!

All our rental Stairlifts come with full maintenance and removal service at no extra cost. When the need for servicing the Stairlift arises, our fully qualified engineers will be on hand. And when you no longer require the Stairlift, just give us a call, we will come and remove it for free. As simple as that!

For more details, get in touch with us on 01535 664197.